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SLV - Synchronous Lifting System - Variable Speed Drive

  • Working pressure 10,000 psi
  • Control from 8 to 32 lifting points
  • Variable speed control

Designed for precise lifting and lowering of heavy loads using multiple synchronized hydraulic cylinders. System comprises of heavy duty, three-phase electric motor, operator control panel to monitor up to 32 channels, and a robust framework for transportation and storage of the entire system.

Selection of outlet valves ranging from 8-outlet pump to 32-outlet pump with with single or double acting controls on each outlet. Two-stage pump unit offers a maximum low pressure  flow rate of 1,196.06 cubic inches per minute and a maximum high pressure flow rate of 292.91 inches3  per minute at 10,000 psi, with an option of reducing the flow rate using the variable speed drive controller. 10,000 psi pressure transducers are fitted as standard on each outlet.

Reservoir capacity of 52.82 and 105.64 gallons. Intuitive touch-screen controller with several display options including stroke, cylinder pressure, system pressure and indicative weight of load. Includes a system data logging feature which allows operators to obtain a post-lift report or end-of-project technical summary.

Specified for string pot displacement sensors as standard. Alternative sensor types available upon request.

Operating modes for the SLV include Manual, Pre-load, Automatic control, Depressurization, Center of gravity, and Indicative weighing. System can be adapted to suit special lifting requirements. Customized systems can be tailored for unique application requirements.

Control unit complete with multiple screens (depending on configuration and monitoring requirements) and USB port, supplied on a cable for remote operation.


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