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Alpha Dog Industrial is a veteran-owned provider of industrial tools. Proud to provide excellent brands like Hi-Force, RAD, and TorsionX, with experienced, in-person support in Tennessee and the Carolinas.

For FREE consultations, safety trainings, and tool inspections in our service region, or to schedule on-site torque tool calibration and repair for ANY brands, contact us.

  • Hi-Force

    Top quality, versatile, precision industrial tools at a lower price to get any job done.

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  • RAD Torque

    The fastest, lightest, strongest pneumatic, battery, and electric torque guns on the market.

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  • TorsionX

    The most dependable hydraulic torque tools in the world, made right here in the USA.

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  • Hi-Force Industrial Cylinders

    Hi-Force Hydraulic Cylinders

    Low-height, multi-purpose, hollow piston, double-acting, and high-tonnage cylinders, sets, and saddles.

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  • Hi-Force Pumps

    Manual, electric, air, gasoline-engine driven, split-flow electric pumps, synchronous lifting systems, and accessories.

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  • Hi-Force Nut Splitter

    Hi-Force Nut Splitters & Spreaders

    Hydraulic and self-contained nut splitters for the toughest jobs.

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  • Hi-Force Jack

    Hi-Force Jacks

    Multi-purpose, compact, and machine lift low-height jacks.

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  • Hi-Force Impact Wrenches

    High quality, low vibration. Heavy duty, lightweight.

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  • Hi-Force Pullers

    Hi-Force Puller Kits

    Self-contained hydraulic pullers and pin and bush replacement tool kits.

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  • Hi-Force Hydrotest Pump

    Hi-Force Hydrotest Pumps

    Manually operated and air-driven hydrotest pumps and accessories.

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  • Hi-Force Skates

    Move and install heavy equipment in a safe and cost-effective way.

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  • Hi-Force Presses

    Heavy duty workshop presses with a wide variety of hydraulic systems and load capacities.

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  • Hi-Force System Components and Accessories

    Hi-Force System Components & Accessories

    Hoses, oil, pressure gauges, manifolds, couplers, fittings, and control valves.

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  • Hi-Force Specialty Tools

    Hydraulic hole punchers and pipe benders for a variety of applications.

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Who is Alpha Dog Industrial? Check out our Tailgate Talk from August 2022.