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PKS Hydraulic 2 & 3 Way Puller Kits

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  • Capacities from 5 to 55 tons
  • Quick set-up time, easy to use
  • High quality, drop forged steel components

Available in choice of 2 or 3-way puller configurations, with 5-ton and 11-ton models offering a combination of both options. Incorporates safety overload prevention valve within hydraulic pump. Detachable hydraulic system with hollow bore cylinder for use in other applications (excluding 5-ton model which has solid piston design cylinder).

Supplied as a complete set with all necessary hydraulic components in handy storage case: all PKS puller kits are supplied in a metal storage box with the exception of PKS50-2 and PKS50-3, which are supplied in an alternate storage case.

Note: PK202, PK302 & PK502 are 2-way jaw beam only for modifying applicable capacity 3-way jaw pullers to 2-way jaw operation.  

Note: Dimensions calculated with 15° outward angled puller legs.