NS Single Acting Nut Splitters

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  • Working pressure 10,000 psi
  • Nut AF sizes from 11⁄16 ” to 2 15⁄16 ”
  • Bolt sizes from ½” to 1 7⁄8”

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Single acting, spring assisted return. Angled body design for increased clearance on flanges and flat surfaces. High quality steel construction. Suitable for splitting nuts up to RC44 hardness. Designed to fit on most API and ANSI flanges. Offers ideal "cold cut" solution for applications where hot work permits are not allowed. Steel linkage keeps blade cutting edge parallel to the nut throughout the splitting process. Compact and easy to use.

Optional 360˚ positional swivel coupling for confined spaces, available with NS104 and NS110 models only.

For replacement blade only, add a "B" to the model number.

Note: NS nut splitters are for use on heavy duty nuts, where the nut height is equal to or greater than two-thirds of the blade length of the tool being used. Please check dimension C to confirm the tool will fit in the space between the edge of the nut and the neck of the flange.

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