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MHX-PU Manually Operated Hydrotest Pump Units

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  • Choice of 5 models
  • Maximum output pressures up to 14,500 psi
  • Two-stage displacement with manual T-Handle changeover plunger

Supplied as pump unit and operating lever only. Reservoir not included - purchase model MHR15.

Includes 4 bolt fixing kit with gasket for easy mounting on fluid reservoir. All other features are as specified for the MHX pumps.

Lightweight aluminum alloy pump unit with integral factory set safety relief valve. High grade stainless steel pistons for increased resistance to corrosion. Smooth manually operated 2-way pressure and release valve with precise control. Stainless steel, powder-coated, 4-gallon reservoir with extended foot reaction bar.

Multi-positional, 24" long operating lever with retaining washer and bolt. Optional 4" diameter hydraulic pressure gauges with fixing kit. Standard 10' hose with swivel-end fittings as optional extra. Suitable for use with hydraulic mineral oil; demineralized, distilled, and "filtered mains supplied."

For use with other fluids, contact us: special seals may be required.