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MHX Manually Operated Hydrotest Pumps

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  • Choice of 5 models
  • Maximum output pressures up to 14,500 psi
  • Two-stage displacement with manual T-Handle changeover plunger

Lightweight aluminum alloy pump unit with integral factory set safety relief valve. High grade stainless steel pistons for increased resistance to corrosion. Smooth manually operated 2-way pressure and release valve with precise control. Stainless steel, powder-coated, 4-gallon reservoir with extended foot reaction bar.

Multi-positional, 24" long operating lever with retaining washer and bolt. Optional 4" diameter hydraulic pressure gauges with fixing kit. Standard 10' hose with swivel-end fittings as optional extra. Suitable for use with hydraulic mineral oil; demineralized, distilled, and "filtered mains supplied."

For use with other fluids, contact us: special seals may be required.

Need pressure gauges and hoses? Please see diagrams to shop by model number.