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AHP2 Air Driven Hydrotest Pumps - Medium Flow

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  • Output pressures up to 42,500 psi
  • Suitable for use with various fluids
  • 6" dual scale vibra pressure gauge

Infinitely variable output pressure and fluid displacement speed. Integral inlet air filtration and lubrication unit with air pressure gauge. Airline regulator for easy setting of input air and output hydraulic pressure. Maximum air consumption of 56 scfm (1.59 m3) per minute at 100 psi.

Smooth and easily operated hydraulic pressure hold and release valve. Fitted with input air pump start/stop valve for easy and fast pressure shut off. Robust, powder-coated stainless steel protective framework. Lightweight plastic, 2-gallon fluid reservoir.

Optional stainless steel reservoir, stroke counter system, and pressure isolation valve available on request. Contact us.